Access Gate Replacement Project

Dear Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club Members,

Access Gate Replacement Project Update:

We have completed the additional configurations with the Kantech Access System. We have it configured to work with the gate and made some additional configuration changes to make sure no one gets trapped in the parking after shooting hours are over. 😊

Here is the latest on how to work Gate and Doors with the Access System

· Gate Entry Keypad – Swipe Access Card to open gate (Note: Members Access Cards will only work during these hours, 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM.)

· Club Entry Keypad – Swipe Access Card to unlock door (Note: Members Access Cards will only work during these hours, 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM.)

· Gate Exit Keypad – To exit, Drive around building, Swipe Access Card to open gate (Note: All cards will work on this keypad 24x7)

All Keypads should now show a solid green light for a few seconds indicating you have access. If you don’t see a green light, either your membership has expired or somehow the card definition in the system is not correct. In either case you need to contact the VRPC Secretary John Barnett.

Update on the Financial Expense:

To date, we have spent $21,151.39 on the access gate, which has come out of our Range Improvement fund. With current funds and generous donations from members, our Range Improvement fund is sitting at a balance of -$8,876.27 .

We did have a snafu with our Friends of the NRA Grant. At this time, they are stating the 3 letters that were submitted with the grant do not meet qualifications for supporting documents. Keep in mind this was the same grant I submitted to the FNRA 2 years ago, with letters from the same groups and it was fully funded. After back and forth emails with the FNRA, they did accept one of the letters, and I submitted another letter from a non-profit org and they accepted that one. However, I am still short one letter. I have sent an email to the Young Marines asking for a letter in support of our grant, and Shaun Curtain is looking into the Boy Scout group that has used our range in the past for a letter as well. We only have 10 days to turn in another letter in support of our project. If we do not receive another letter from a Non-profit org, Hunters ED, or another Junior program, then the FNRA will not fund our project and we will not receive any funds toward for this project.

This means the membership will need to help raise the additional funds to help pay for the access gate project. In previous emails I have stated that if every member paid $50, we could easily raise enough funds to pay for the new access gate. For those members who have not donated towards this project, if you can spare any money, it would all help. Here the following way you can donate.

You can donate in person to a board member at a board meeting, by credit card (, or by mailing a check (payable to VRPC), to the following address:

VRPC Access Gate Project
P.O. Box 821242
Vancouver, WA 98682

We appreciate any help you can provide us.


VRPC Board