Practical Pistol

The Thursday practical pistol shooters train for disciplines of Bowling Pins, Steel Plates, and Practical Pistol (IPSC). Our Motto: Be Safe, Be Safe, shoot big targets and have a good time.

Our primary emphasis is on SAFE gun handling and Safe range procedures. We follow USPSA safety procedures and equipment requirements. New shooters are given a one on one safety briefing on range gun handling, and mentored through shooting procedures.

We start each session with review of primary safety rules, such as cold range, keep weapon pointed down range, etc. Required equipment is a hip holster which covers the trigger, magazine pouches, and gun belt through at least 3 belt loops…

We conduct the session with one shooter at a time, under the direction of a USPSA certified range officer in most cases…Some of our shooters have officiated in national and regional matches….

Shooter is directed to load and make ready, and when ready, a start signal is given to shoot cardboard silhouette targets and other cardboard targets which look like bowling pins or steel plates.

A “stage” commonly consists of drawing loaded pistol, firing 2 rounds each at 3 targets, moving to another location usually 6 to 10 feet further, and firing 2 rounds each at 3 more targets, and usually includes a reload. Most of the time we shoot at less than 12 yards…We also use some “reduced size” targets to represent shooting at longer distances….

We shoot 2 or 3 stages on an evening, each stage has a set of written instructions with the “Course of fire” to explain specific procedures. We try to give everyone the opportunity to shoot about 50 rounds, and finish the formal session in 1 and ½ hours. Often a few folks stay afterward for additional practice.

After the session we clean up the range, vacuum and leave.

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