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Welcome to the Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club

The Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club (VRPC) was formed on November 29, 1958 as a private shooting range club and the land was graciously donated to VRPC by Orval Higdon. VRPC is a 50 feet indoor range with 12 firing points. We are a private club (NOT Open to the Public), only members can use the range and non-members can shoot as a guest of members only. We do allow organization and groups the use of our range, like Hunter Education, Bullseye Pistol, Cowboy Action, Practical Pistol, the Young Marines, Boys Scouts of America, 4H Clubs, and others.

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone who is a United States citizen or legal resident and can own a firearm legally.

  • There is a one time registration fee of $80.00 unless you are a member of Clark Rifles.

  • Our annual membership dues are $120.00 (seniors, older than 62, are $80.00).

  • Membership is per a household, meaning the Primary member and his or her spouse, including life partners and all children living under one household, the same roof, are included in the membership. However, they must come with the primary member or get their own access card to the range. Guest of members pay $5.00 per a visit and members cannot bring more than two guest at a time.

What is allowed to be shot?

Approved on: November 10, 2015

    • Full Jacketed Ammo is preferred, but can use lead, semi jacketed, or other materials as long as it is meets the following two conditions!

    • No armor piercing, (Note: this includes steel core or harden steel tips designed to penetrate steel) or incendiary ammunition!

    • Firearms (including center fire rifles) chambered for the handgun cartridges listed below, provided their muzzle energy does not exceed 800ft/lbs.

Allowed Handgun Cartridges

22 short, 22 long, 22 long rifle, 22 mag rimfire, 25acp, 25 naa, 30 mauser, 30 luger, 32acp, 32/20, 32 s& w, 32 h&r magnum, 32 naa, 7.62 x 25mm, 30 carbine, 380 acp, 9mm luger, 38 s&w, 38 super, 357 sig, 38 special, 38 short colt, 38 long colt, 357 magnum, 38/40 win, 9mm makarov, 40 s&w, 10mm auto, 400 corbon, 41 ae, 41 magnum, 44 russian, 44 special, 44 magnum, 44 s& w american, 44/40 win, 45 gap, 45 auto rim, 45 acp, 45 colt, 45 Schofield

How to calculate muzzle energy:

E = (M x V²) ÷ K

where K = 450,435 and is derived from (2 x 32.1739 x 7000),

M is the weight of the projectile, in grains,

V is the velocity in feet per second

E is the energy in foot pounds.

Muzzle Energy Calculator


    • You cannot shoot any closer than 15 feet to the target hangers. There is a yellow line down on the range floor that you CAN NOT go beyond to shoot.

    • Maximum Distance is 50 feet. You CAN NOT be further away than the red line on the range floor

What are the hours of operation?

VRPC is open to members from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 7 days a week all year long.

Provided there is no board approved schedule activity on the calendar.

If you would like to contact our Board members, please email:

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Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club is NRA, USA Shooting, and CMP Sanctioned Club.