Club Address– NO MAIL 
Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club 
12211 NE 76th Street 
Vancouver, WA 98682

Phone: (360)253-9651
(NOTE: The Phone number above DOES NOT Ring at the range. It goes to an internet voice mailbox and if you leave a message it is NOT reviewed on a daily or weekly basis, but we do try to listen to them on a monthly basis. If you need an immediate answer email us at this email address).

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm. No Board meeting in July or March.  The Annual Members Meeting and Election of Officers is held on the 1st March.

Mailing Address– ALL YOUR MAIL
Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club
PO Box 821242
Vancouver, WA 98682

Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club Officers:

  • Executive Board
  • President: Bob Kadow
  • Vice President: Jerry Schadler
  • Secretary: Randy Stoltenberg
  • Recording Secretary: Shaun Curtain
  • Treasurer: Michael Farah

  • Directors
  • Precision Pistol Director: Charles A. Jarvie
  • Practical Pistol Director: Dave Saxon
  • Rifle League Director: Rob king
  • Junior Club Director: Katelyn Woltersdorf
  • Facilities Director: Martin Koberick
  • Compliance Director: Vacate

If you would like to contact our Board members, please email:

Membership Renewal Information for the 2018 year!

We have reach our Membership CAP.  I will be mailing out renewal notices towards the end of November.  You have until January 31, 2018 to pay dues, you MUST fill out, sign and turn an Annual Membership Agreement form, must provide proof of NRA Membership Verification (NRA Life Members do not need to provide proof).

  • Annual Dues:

Annual Members born after 1956 – pay $100.00
Senior Members born in 1956 or before – pay $70.00

  • Current NRA Membership – You may provide ONE of the following items for proof of NRA membership (Life Members do not need to show verification, we have this on file):

Copy of your current NRA card with a valid year
– Copy or cutout the address from your NRA magazine subscription
– Print out your membership info

  • Review the Range Orientation Class:

– Range Orientation Class Presentation PDF Form:
– Range Orientation Class Presentation PowerPoint Form:

Dues are due on the 1st January every year and must be paid by the end of January.  If not paid by January 31, 2018, you will lose access to the range until you pay your dues and turn in a membership agreement form.  On March 31, 2018, if your dues are not paid and the membership agreement form are not turned in, you will forfeit your membership and you will have to reapply for a new membership including paying the setup fee of $80.00.

Please send all dues and required documents to the address Below, and if you are NOT renewing then send in your Access Card and Key to the address below:

VRPC Membership Renewal
P.O. Box 821242
Vancouver, WA 98682

DO NOT leave membership dues at the range.
DO NOT hand in membership dues to any board member with the exception of the Secretary, John Barnett.
Dues can be turned into John Barnett at Board Meetings.

If you would like to pay with a credit card, please contact Jerry Schadler.  If paying by credit card, there will be an additional $5.00 to cover the cost of the credit card transaction fee.